Insightwest is looking to expand our content publishing for our online magazine and social media platforms. With that, we are looking to hire new writers / researchers to join our team.

Write for Insightwest

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Insightwest is a leading publication that focuses on energy and resource studies and developments here in Canada. Our scope of content covers everything from renewable energy all the way to the latest technological advancement made today.

Writing for Insightwest requires senior-level research skills and a great understanding of the fundamentals of energy and resources. Most of our writers right now are graduates of science courses or programs from leading universities in Canada. We are open to providing the necessary training and seminars to help our new hires cope with the workload and quality of work at Insightwest.

What to Write About

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We mostly stick to timely topics and provide our timeless insights in each article. There are different topics to write about right now including Canada’s hydroelectricity capabilities and what makes the country a leader in this. Another timely topic is the on-going research on SMRs or Small Modular Reactors. SMRs are considered the future of nuclear power and will help millions of Canadians in remote areas across the country get the energy resources they need. For interested applicants, send us an email at Feel free to also send us more messages if you have any questions and clarifications.