Growing Industries in Canada

Canada in terms of economic growth is a leader but there are still particular industries in need of a boost. We are seeing significant improvements in two particular industries, energy and resources and online gambling.

Energy and Resources

Featured image Growing Industries in Canada Energy and Resources - Growing Industries in Canada

Canada has in the last couple of years become a leader in renewable energy. Its research and analysis in energy and resources is also on its way to becoming recognised all over the globe. The Canadian government is seeing more value in investing in research studies for renewable energy that can impact the lives of millions of Canadians.

Energy and resource companies are now servicing different sectors mainly in business and aerospace. There are still no clear indications of the top industries partnering with energy and resources. But it is clear that these providers are injecting a lot of money into the local economy.

Online Gambling

Featured image Growing Industries in Canada Online Gambling - Growing Industries in Canada

After and during the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the world population had to migrate many of their activities online. That includes gambling. There has been an increase in online gambling operation back in 2020 as it has become more difficult to visit physical casinos, mostly in the second and third quarters. It is no doubt that in recent times, Canada has seen an upswing in the online casino market.

One online casino operator in mind that is really going the distance is Playamo. Many Canadians are using this platform. It has a wide array of different games available which has created an interest, such as

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