Insightwest is dedicated to keeping the people of Canada updated and informed about the latest and biggest developments in the energy and resource sector. The online magazine was founded back in 2010 by Norman Dean who was working as a materials dispatcher. Dean is a self-thought researcher and an advocate for clean energy and resources to benefit everyone in Canada.

The Inspiration Behind Insightwest

Featured image About Us The Inspiration Behind Insightwest - About Us

Back in 2010, Dean was working in the morning and teaching himself about reliable renewable energy at night. He was fascinated by the energy and resource sector mainly because there is so much humanity that can get out of it.

Dean knew that reliable renewable energy was a solution for mankind in this deteriorating world. He was determined that furthering mankind’s understanding of energy and resources is a way forward to preserve the world and everything it is composed of.

Birth of Insightwest

Featured image About Us Birth of Insightwest - About Us

Despite not having a college degree, Dean learnt about almost everything he could when it comes to energy and resources. He even taught himself the fundamentals of clean energy and sustainable energy.

In 2012, Dean started a blog that releases daily content about the latest news and updates in clean energy. Good or bad news, Dean would post about it in his blog and the structure always included a context of the problem, the challenges ahead, and the solutions at hand. Dean’s fresh take on several issues caught the eyes of several research facilities and universities in Canada. By 2015, Dean managed to convert that simple blog into a feature / educational online magazine focusing on energy and resources.